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Work remotely and want to do it from a different country.
Recieved a job offer from a different country but want to avoid paperwork.
Are looking for a change of scenery and inspiration, we can advise on relocation abroad.
You don’t have to worry about
Visas and work permits
Temporary and long term housing
Tax optimization
Remote office set up
Residency permits
More coming soon
And more

Work from

You choose where to work from — warm climate, mountain sports, closer to your loved ones. We organize everything for your seamless relocation.

Move to join a new company

An office in a different country. We’ll help with the relocation by preparing all papers, covering all the details.
Remote or Relocate Remote or Relocate
remote story
Age 31. Menegement consultant
Kate is from Vancouver, Canada. She moved to Tulum, Mexico to work remotely. She wanted to stay for a year, but tourist visa only allowed 180 days. We secured a long-term visa for her. We also optimized her taxes for working outside Canada.
Why did you choose to live in Mexico?
At the time, I worked for my firm for over 4 years. I liked the projects but needed a change of scenery. My projects can be done remotely. I wanted to live close to the beach, surf and meet new friends, while doing the same job.
But I didn’t want to struggle with all of the documents and applications forms.
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Remote or Relocate Remote or Relocate
Age 24. Software engineer
Igor is from Minsk. Today he lives in the US and studies in Cal Poly.
- Why did you decide to move to the USA?
I decided to use’s services to start my studies in California, settle there, and look for opportunities being on the ground.
I was invited to work abroad before, but never did because of visa issues.
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Our team takes over
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